Canine Dog Foods

Top 5 Canine Dog Foods

Many scientists have speculated that canine has been man’s best friend since the paleolithic period, thousands of years ago. Since then, in more times there’s been a recent upbringing of dog ownership. 

Dog’s are often purchased or adopted from local animal shelters. About 90% of the time the previous owner, animal shelter or retail pet store failed to provide these loving animals with the care they desperately need and deserve, such as exercise and more importantly a balanced diet.

Believe it or not but the problem actually stems from budgeting. These places are responsible for feeding hundreds of animals each day so you can only imagine the poor quality of ingredients that are used to do so.

It may not sound like a huge deal but, overall this leads to the canine having a very poor diet, which is linked to a long list of chronic conditions such as obesity, emaciation, rickets, increased allergies, hair loss and even death…

It’s not too late, it’s now your job to give them the utmost care they deserve! The best way of achieving this is through balancing the dog’s diet and allowing them to exercise.


The First Steps Begin With Choosing A Healthy Dog Food. 

There’s thousands of companies that produce dog food, however only a slim percentage have managed to produce a cost friendly product that provides the dog with optimal nutrition and a well balance of key ingredients. 

This has led us to find the top 5 dog foods of 2021.

There are a many other worthy considerations worth talking such as

Our Top 5 Pick

Nulo Freestyle takes the number one spot on our list. This formula is only intended for adult dog’s however there are puppy formulas available for the same price. 

This brand is so great because the quality of meats and vegetables are the same ones we consume daily, they aren’t processed or derived from by-products, they are whole and great quality. They only chose beneficial ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas, salmon, and dried turkey.

Nulo was also sure to include a high CFU of probiotics measuring at 80 million CFU per dose. 

Any canine is sure to devour this dog-tasty formula. Ranking at number two this quality formula contains high protein foods such as turkey meal, chicken liver, whole eggs and veggies to ensure your dog is getting other key nutrients. 

Brothers complete also included omega 3s for cardiovascular support, digestive enzymes to increase nutrient absorption and probiotics for immunity and overall health.

Purina has been a trusted company for many years. They also release new products pretty frequency, which is good if you have a stubborn canine at home.

Pro Lab formula takes the number three spot due to the formula containing many beneficial ingredients such as lamb, rice, and whole grains.

Purina is a widely chosen company so their products are mass-produced, however they do offer money-back if you or your canine is not satisfied by the quality of the product.

Wild Earth Clean Protein is a new company, however their formula alone indicates a good company.

They took the plant based protein route, while incorporating other promising ingredients such as sweet potato, oats, pea protein, microalgae and vitamins.

This product does not contain probiotics, however it does have inulin prebiotics and single celled algae that is rich in phytonutrients, and helps improve overall skin and coat quality. 

The companies aim with this product was to only include safe “clean” ingredients, and they did an excellent job of doing such.

Taste Of The Wild has various dog food products but ranking at number 5 is their Southwest Canyon dog food. 

This formula is grain-free and contains a protein mix of lamb, boar, eggs, garbanzo beans, prebiotics, probiotics and DHA omega 3s. 

This product is highly favored because it’s considered cost friendly with the average price being $29.99 per bag.