Top 5 Dental Supplements For Canines

Top 5 Dental Supplements

Did you know certain breeds are prone to bad breath? These same breeds are also prone to having bad teeth, which could ultimately end up costing you so much money down the road if the problem is not stopped in its tracks. 

Common breeds such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Collies and Boxers are prone to experience  gingival hyperplasia, a condition that affects millions of dog’s. 

Smaller breeds such as Shih Tzu’s, Tibetan Terrier’s, Wheaten Terrier’s, and Maltese have been shown to be more prone to delayed tooth eruption.



It’s estimated that over 80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease. 

Veterinarians and many companies are aware of these scary statistics. This has led many to formulate a dental hygiene product for canines. Most work by treating the problem or at least act as a preventive shield from these conditions.

Many of these products come in many different forms, some require brushing while others are supplemented in treat form. 

Our team evaluated well over 100 products and found the top 5 dental hygiene products of 2021.


What To Consider

Your probably ready to purchase your first dental supplement for canines, however be sure to consider the following to ensure an effective product:

  • Probiotics – not only have the ability to protect teeth and prevent cavities, but they also help reduce bad breath.
  • Domestically Manufactured- products will ensure quality, and prevent you from receiving an outdated product.
  •  GMP Facilities- run third party tests to ensure the product is of cleanliness, potency, and quality.

This product took number one on our list for a variety of reasons, mostly being its wide selection of complex probiotics. Its advanced formula contains 6 probiotics to combat bad-breath causing bacteria and plaque formation.

The formula also contains Yucca Schidigera to help remove plaque and increase the absorption of important nutrients, which has been shown to decrease odors by oxidizing hydrogen sulfide and ammonia molecules in the mouth.

Key Features Include

This vet-formulated dental product takes number two on our list. It removes stuck on plaque and freshens breath. The company claims that this product eliminates the use of toothpaste and toothpaste in a single treat, which is great if your dog has problems sitting still for long amounts of time. 

DailyDose also contains royal jelly, which helps break down bacteria’s protective film, this is how the product is able to break down plaque in no time at all.


Key Features Include

Ranking at number 3, this product is manufactured by a well known reputable company located in the USA. The formula contains 50 million CFU per stick. 

To ensure fresh breath the company was sure to include peppermint oil, rosemary and sea kelp, which also helps improve overall dental health. This same formula is found in a variety of dental products!

Key Features Include

For more unbearable breath many vets will call for a dental toothpaste. This one happens to be vet formulated with many helpful compounds. The enzymes found in this product are sought to be the most beneficial. 

Enzymes help break down food and unwanted biofilms. With a little bit of scrubbing this advanced formula is certain to do the job and help your canine have clean teeth.


Key Features Include

This dental wash is for dogs of all sizes! Unlike many dental supplements this one is easy to use, you literally just add a small amount to your dog’s water. 

The formula is simple but effective and the best part is it’s free of any harmful sugars, alcohol or fillers. 

The company has also confirmed that their formula is tasteless, so your stubborn canine shouldn’t have a problem ingesting this one.

Key Features Include