Top 5 Hip & Joint Supplements For Canines

Top 5 Hip & Joint Supplements

If you got your dog as a puppy then you probably witnessed endless energy, sheer affection and lots of running and jumping around. 

Those are some of the best times of a dogs life, however all dogs reach a certain age where mobility is decreased…

Unfortunately this has been shown to impact the dogs behavior by affecting their mood and energy levels. Since this problem is prone in all dogs there are supplements designed to target these common issues of mobility. 

This serious problem has led our team to find the top 5 most effective hip and joint supplements for canines. Just like all supplements there are bad ones, so here’s everything you need to know before finding your canine the support they desperately need!


When it comes to choosing a good product you will want to consider the formula and evaluate the ingredients. Aim for a formula that does not contain any harmful additives, dyes or fillers.

             Top companies typically include these ingredients, and here’s why!

  • Glucosamine – reduces the weakening of bones, and promotes healthy bone growth
  • Chondroitin- alleviates knee pain, may reduce the loss of joint cartilage
  • Vitamin E- supports immunity and building cells while reducing cells that break down bones
  • Vitamin C- essential in the production of collagen in bone matrix, increases calcium absorption
  • Collagen- may reduce common bone issues, improves bone density, stimulates growth of cartilage, keeps joints moving
  • Turmeric- reduces chronic inflammation, improves bone density, helps bone healing, fights free radicals
  • The product should be domestically manufactured in a cGMP or GMP certified facility. 
  • The product should contain at least two ingredients.
  • The company should be easy to contact if there is a problem.
  • The company should offer a money-back guarantee.
  •  Avoid any product that contains artificial flavorings.
  • Avoid products that do not have the ingredients listed.
  • Avoid products that are not intended for canine use.
  • Avoid over the counter topical supplements, most do not work effectively.

Ranking at number one this product does not cut you short of a good formula. It contains many essentials to improve mobility and reduce joint pain such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, collagen, turmeric, glucosamine and chondroitin.

PetHonesty is a trusted company and is currently a top seller on Amazon, with a good amount of promising reviews. PetHonesty Hip+Joint is manufactured in a FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the USA with natural ingredients. 


Key Features Include

YUMOVE Dog Essential is number two on the list, the formula is great and we really liked how the company included a concentrated source of Omega-3s, to help with stiff joints. This product is manufactured in the USA but has won various awards in the United Kingdom and has been well rated on Amazon. 

Their clinically proven formula contains other beneficial compounds such as glucosamine, Vitamin C and Manganese Sulfate which helps improve brittle bones.

Key Features Include

If you are looking for a friendly safe formula then this product may be for you. Each dose contains natural ingredients that focus on reducing pain and inflammation.

 This product is also GMO-free and does not contain any sugar or preservatives. 

The company also did a great job at not watering down the product, they state that this product has full integrity because no water, pressure or heat was used in the making of the product. Furthermore this product was manufactured in a FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility to ensure cleanliness, quality, and potency.


Key Features Include

When it comes to choosing a trusted company this company is the one for you. Zesty has been in business for many years. However due to their popularity the company has to manufacture their products at a large scale. This has been shown to affect the quality of the products. 

This product is great because it’s indented for dogs of all sizes, unlike many canine supplements. The company included many key ingredients such as chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine to promote better flexibility of muscles.   


Key Features Include

This product has a simple formula, and we feel that it’s missing a few essential ingredients. However on the plus side the formula is gluten-free which is great considering that older canines may have a problem breaking down wheats or suffer from gluten intolerance. 

The formula consists of 3 ingredients, green lipped mussel, glucosamine and chondroitin and does not contain any harmful additives, dyes or fillers. 

Glyde Mobility Chews are highly favored on Amazon, and customers have left great feedback regarding this product.


Key Features Include